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Extraordinary Services at an affordable price.

All those cables and set-up procedures can be intimidating. Let Delta Electronics take care of your system set-up and installation to give you the best picture and sound quality possible.

Services We Offer

  • Home Theater Systems Installation
  • Home Audio Systems Installation
  • Dish Satellite TV Installation
  • Residential Installation
  • Commercial Installations
  • New Construction Pre-Wiring
  • Existing Construction Retro-Wiring
  • Equipment Training
  • Pre-Wire on new constructions
  • Retro-wiring on existing homes and businesses.

Insured Installation

We are an insured, LLC. We pride ourselves on being your professional, convenient local business. Call us Today!

Highly Skilled Staff

We provide you the instruction that you need so that you understand how to use your new equipment to your best advantage.

Installation Services

We offer delivery, setup, and warranties on all televisons and monitors we sell. We offer complete Home Theater Systems, from TVs, speakers, furniture, audio and video equipment etc.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you transform your home into the oasis you deserve!

Advantages to
Using Our Services

  • We specialize in keeping your system up-to-date by constantly researching and applying the latest in audio and video technology.
  • We can install concealed speakers with volume controls in every room to create a unique audio experience throughout your entire home.
  • We help make TV watching and other entertainment activities more pleasurable with the latest in universal remote controls, smart phones apps and tablet apps.
  • We can pre-wire or retro-wire your home to allow for convenience in future upgrades to your home theater system.

Want to work with us?

We Provide Highly Trained Staff to perform our installations.

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